Rhum and Coffee

​Rhum and Coffee is a poem written by the ugly writer and shared under the theme The Best Bad Idea for the month of January


Rhum and Coffee



She can be rhum and coffee

She makes you feel alive,
And in the brink of death

She is rhum and coffee
The darkness
The void
My depressant

She’s my rhum and coffee
My 4am.
My own little world
The anti-depressant.

She is my rhum as her words sing me to sleep

… My coffee as I fear that when I wake up, I know she won’t be there.



it's no fun writing pretty.

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  1. Sheila Ann Surio Mar142

    1. Explicit/Material
    2. Culture: Food/Art
    3. Diff. Title: Deeper than love

  2. Surio, Sheila Ann D. (Mar142)

    1. Explicit/Material
    2.Culture: Food/Art
    3. Deeper than love

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