Book Review: Don’t Make Me Beautiful by Elle Casey


TITLE: Don’t Make me Beautiful

AUTHOR: Elle Casey

RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆ (5/5)

(Read from August 02 to 21, 2016. Review posted at Goodreads last August 2016. )

 “Love sees inside the person. It doesn’t stop at the surface. That stuff is all just window dressing, anyway. It says nothing about what you’re really getting. If a man loves you when you look your worst, you know he’s a keeper. They’re a rare breed, too, so I don’t recommend walking away from it easily”

GAAHHHH!!! I was literally crying from this book even from the start. This book is so good for me, I can’t put it down once I started it but I had to take it easy as I want to grasp all the information and the happenings in this lovely book. It’s different from what I used to read. This is a first for me. No one should ever feel unpretty or ugly, I think even for little girls no one should ever tell them they’re not beautiful, because no matter what a person looks like they will always be beautiful inside and out. I love how this is well written, it just made me cry my heart out for Nicole. It may be one of the saddest book ever out there for me but it is so beautiful, the words where really heart shuttering and heart warming at the same time. This book was inspired by a true event and this tackles topics that are very sensitive. Domestic Violence really are happening and this should be addressed in every community. There is no way that this should happen to any of us. The way the author depicts this kind of violence are a bit disturbing and can cause emotional, mentally and of course physical disturbances to any who are suffering this kind of abuse.

“You’re a girl who fell in love with the wrong guy. Your face doesn’t matter, it’s your heart that’s important.” 

Oh Nicole! What just happen to you was just cruel. No woman should ever be hated for her looks just because they aren’t pretty. Screw people who thinks like that. I totally understand how you feel about yourself and if I am in that situation too I think I would just wish to die and not suffer anymore. I hate John he deserves to be punished in what he did to you. You have all the right to put him in jail. But lo and behold there comes the knight in shining armor that is Brian, I so so so love him, he’s just so good, he has a very good heart, he sees beauty that is skin-deep. I love how positive he is and on how patience he is in helping Nicole out. Gosh, swooning worthy this guy! I adore his family Liam and Helen and even Agnes they’re quite a supporting bunch! I love them. Things are much more better when you have friends who accepts you for who and what you are. It’s refreshing to see that in the end Nicole has all the courage to kick some ass and I am glad she has pulled herself out and begin to believe in herself and in what Brian and his family is saying to her. I love the ending with Kitten and Liam and Helen. I am so happy with the ending. Nicole was such a brave soul.  This story is very inspiring and should be recommended to people who are giving up on life and to those who are experiencing the same situation. It can probably help them cope up and ask for help. Really, this kind of domestic violence can affect a lot of people even the children. It is always a great help to ask for help and report any kind of abuse.

“Better to say the things in my heart than pretend they don’t exist. Love never ventured is love never gained.”


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