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Dear FB friends,
Due to Facebook Security’s inability to do its job correctly (reporting obviously fake profiles and they would just shrug you off saying they see nothing wrong with it), may I suggest a good alternative? Google Plus has been up for some time now and I think it’s high time people actually use it.
Come January, I’ll try to use more of G+ and just stick with Facebook and Instagram for the Fanpages/Public Profiles I am currently managing (until the next best thing shows up).
Unless Mark Zuckerberg can pull his shit together, 2017 will be different.

A former Facebook fan

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  1. Transnational
    Facebook has been dominating the social media platform for quite some time now. As the world revolves, many things can change with just one click and constant update is must especially they’re a billion dollar company. Security is a global crisis because of many bugs that can penetrate the stringent protocol of not just company, different global agencies, but also all the simple member of the society which uses the social medias several hours a day.

  2. Transnational – Facebook is the most common type of social media platform that has been used worldwide. Nowadays the term “Facebook Addiction” has coined to some individual who engage in excessive use of facebook for different purposes.

  3. Transnational- We all know that facebook is an application or a tool to connect with other people from the different parts of the world. We all are facing problems when it comes to using it not only Filipinos.

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