The Ugly Side of Blogging

You think writing is all bells and whistles? You’re wrong. 

This is the Ugly Side of Blogging. 

Some of you guys and gals reading this are probably site owners yourself, or have been following us on The Ugly Writers wordpress reader feed on the WordPress app. I can’t think of any reason for you not to. Whether you’re on WordPressdotcom or WordPressdotorg (thru Jetpack), you would see that using the app, be it for android or ios pretty useful.

It got me to an extent that I rarely use my laptop whenever I work on my site.

Recently, I had a problem with an app. Two friggin days that my WordPress app for Android was not functional at all. It gave me the message:

Posts couldn’t be refreshed at this time 

I get this everytime I try to go to Posts section. 

For whatever reason, I couldn’t see my published, scheduled or draft posts

Checking out various articles on the Internet didn’t help. 

It’s been my third day and I couldn’t wait for the next update to come. 

So I finally used my laptop, flushed out all the cache from my Caching plugin, and then from my hosting. But to no avail. This was getting irritating. 

Just before I gave up all hope of being a mentally sound and effectively tech-savvy site owner, I thought of removing the one thing that is making my site safe – my iThemes Security. 

Right after turning it off, my app started working again. Voila. happy face

So yessireebob. We are soooo back! 
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