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All I know is silence envelops the universe. Along with darkness, it binds us in an eternal void that can be both pristine and dire.

Silence is hallow. It is inevitable. It is natural. It causes us fear; it reminds us of the Great Unknown – something peculiar to us, unfamiliar thus we dread it.

Though it may seem empty (because mostly, it is), it makes us believe and understand the beauty of simplicity. The simple sounds that paves way through silence – just like the beating of the heart of your better half, the cute snores of a baby you love with all your life, the sound of the wind in a peaceful evening – it reminds us that there are good things amidst hardships in this mostly cruel world.

Silence fills the gap we would never discern. It flutters in our minds, a constant reminder of somethings…

Silence is powerful; in fact, it can also be a lot perilous. It can burn bridges, turn allies into enemies, make a lover into a stranger.

All I ask you is to never let it eat you alive. Never allow it to consume you. You would not want to be like me, another ghost estranged to everyone; a being that can be as empty as the dark.

Do not make the same mistakes that I did. I became another shadow screaming “HELP!” at the top of my lungs, but alas, it is too late now for anyone to hear me. IT swallowed me whole.

It claimed most of my being, my whole. It controlled me. It made me inferior to anyone – to everything! It made me unsure to whether trust fate or not. Hell, it even made me unsure of trusting MYSELF. It made me hopeless. I REGRET EVERYTHING.


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Standing still in a fast-paced world.

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Jireh Grace Lawa
Jireh Grace Lawa

Truly, that’s because we’re just human; easily get hurt and give love.

Angelic Angeles

This article left me in tears, I felt everything while I was reading it. Especially when the author is telling a story about their dog named Joey, it was a very heartbreaking story. It reminded me of my dog named Milo, he also left us because he got a high fever. I will never forget him, he will always be missed and remembered. I really have a soft spot for dogs, they’re my weakness and at the same time my strength. I melt because of these moments that makes us feel alive and vulnerable. To feel deeply is one of… Read more »