Tangled Up

I'm tangled up in a dream
This suspension of consciousness
I can't seem to break free from
I can't do anything to resist.
I'm tangled up in a dream
Where you alight from that bus
And I wait for you under the sun
Then together we walk and soothe under the shade.
I'm tangled up in a dream
Where we go to places we have never been
Under those stars that meet the mortal naked eye
Until those eyes of yours then meet mine.
I'm tangled up in a dream
Where my heart beats in turbulence
And it resonates to my soul
I just fall frantically in love with you.
I'm tangled up in a dream
Where you are nowhere in sight
Your dazzling smile, your enchanting voice no more
And you are no more.

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"You left me standing still, hence I have gone cold upon your return."

ramengonecold is the proud lucky thirteenth member of The Ugly Writers, struggling to write about love and anything that can get everyone high. Will pen any situation and state of mind as they occur. Blunt and straightforward but benevolent nonetheless. INTJ. Leonine. Turophile. Sapporo-style ramen fan. An Oxford comma user with no regrets.

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