Book Review: A Promdi’s Guide To Self-discovery (A Girl’s Guidebook, #1) by Rhea Gonzales

Title: A Promdi’s Guide To Self-discovery (A Girl’s Guidebook, #1)
Author: Rhea Gonzales
Rating: ☆☆ (2/5)

Received an epub copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I don’t have any grudges or whatsoever with wattpad stories but they are just not my cup of tea I guess. I have read some books which started from wattpad and uhmm it didn’t turned out quite well for me.

This book, Okay. The story was about this Promdi girl who gets lucky to be sponsored to go to school in Manila. And yes, as a promdi she really has no idea about how thing goes in the big city. But, as the title goes I was kind of expecting that this was really a guidebook, a very informative one for promdi girls who for the first time in their lives were going to Manila, so I was quite shocked to find out that this is a story about a promdi girl who meets a handsome guy and then she falls for this very sikat guy with the usual side chicks and all. I remembered the usual stories for teledramas, koreanovelas, i don’t know but it was the first thing that came to my mind. Well, to be honest this is not a guide of some sort cause I think ang nadiscover dito ni Yumi is kung paano makipagrelasyon in a short span na nakilala mo yung guy, yung mainlab ka at maapektuhan yung pagkatao mo at pagaaral mo ng dahil sa lalake, nadiscover din nia paano magselos at kung paano makipagflirt ng very slight kay Nate. Yeah, for a promdi girl ha according sa description ni yumi sa umpisa I expected differently pero it sounded na hindi ata ganito ung thinking ng isang promdi girl haha parang mas liberated yung isip nia than most promdi girls. Maybe that’s what promdi is nowadays. Lol.

The story was okay, pero complicated masyado sa tingin ko, the character itself was complicated already, add to that yung story yung love story nila, yung bestfriend, tapos may holdap with saksakan and ung biglang buntis si Shay tapos ung secret sa brother nya. Honestly, Im a bit confused sa story kasi nga halo halo na. Over all i think this book will be a hit for some of the readers, for me its not my thing, to be honest i like to read romace stories pero di talaga ako kinilig sa story ni Nathan at Yumi, they’re just so complicated, they make things worse for everyone parang unlimited kasi sila ulit ulit lang. But, again some would relate sa kanila maybe.

All in all the book is okay, was not really expecting yung title sa turn around nung story. So ill give 2 stars for the way it was written and for the effort of the author.

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