I gaze upon a bed of darkness

Only when I squint do I see a bit of twinkling

Each glitter a reminder of dreams and hopes

Each weak flicker whispering to take a firm grip and hold on.

I stretch and reach for one, as if it were near

I take hold and open my hand, and see nothing but tears

I blink only to lose sight of any light

I look and see the stars have bid farewell

And welcomed a new sunrise.

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  1. Kenneth Willie M. Layona (BSBA-MAR142)

    1. Implicit/Non-Material
    2. Culture: Norm
    3. Explicit/Material Title: “A candle in the dark” it represents our inspirations on why we continue living our dreams even if there are a lot of challenges because it’s not just for us but for our love ones as well.

  2. Kenneth Willie M. Layona
    BSBA- MAR142
    Sociologyn MQ2
    Because, if there will be challenges and problems, you are the one who can give yourself the motivation or hope to continue fighting and achieve what you must.

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