Tonight I Confess My Love For You

Tonight I Confess My Love For You By The Crazed New Yorker

There I was, in the middle of the night

Out of focus, out of my mind

I remember the last time I loved someone so much,

So much that it tore me all apart

I was just a girl, cluelessly finding love in a ruthless world

I was hopeless; then you came out of the blue,

Fighting fate with guns and swords,

I was your dreamer, your avenger with words.

When people say something bad to you,

I was the one to kill them with words before you do.

Slowly, our fates intervene

Turning two worlds into one giant prism

A love was made, love more powerful than fate

Love concerning with all our might

Love that some people may begin to fright

You were the different guy most people questioned

To take the meaningful love a girl willing to bask in full attention

But otherwise we proved them wrong in so many ways

Proved to them we were stronger than their lines and vines

But the love we made was ours to understand

Our love was made to withstand

Through the test of time, through the bounds of forever

But something was made to make you leave,

Something even fate cannot intervene

And there you left, without a clue to the future, without an utter doubt

This love was gone, a little bit a day

And I admit, I made a few mistakes

But in the end, it all comes down when you come back to what you need…

Time didn’t fly, it’s like I’m paralyzed by it

I concluded I must move on while I still have a bit of dignity

Some urge got to me, to forget you instantaneously,

But some kindred spirit once told me:

“Never leave behind a soul that still loves you preciously”.

So I did, and I must confess

I did a bunch of things that will leave me behind from all the rest

I loved you and I will always will,

But some determined lover tried to take my heart away,

A heart belongs to you, in every way

I dearly apologize for what I did,

For mistaking, for giving my heart to a lover that never did,

Never let me see through him, what more to make me love him!

But I see an important lesson that was found,

From the story of giving an owned heart to a heartless roundabout.

And here I am, here we are

Face to face with him, my kindred half

When all he gave to me was love and faith,

I returned it with hate and something I cannot await,

I stand here in my full uniform, unable to recognize your silhouette,

From all the years you made me wait.

It seems to me you have returned,

Returned to me, to the one your heart adorns

And now, the moment arrived

I await your honest comply

Now I have told you the sin I made,

To the lover I made await, to the girl he does not deserve.

I cried a river for you,

Standing there in front of my house,

Where you await for so long, so proud.

I told you the truth of what happened when you were gone,

Out in the rainy night, the pavement gave way to flee

As I finished, I saw a hurt in your eyes,

A hurt I saw only once in our entire life,

I thought that was the end, that we were gone

I thought that you were going to take you hand off of mine.

And you did ― you took your hands off of mine!

I thought that was to bade goodbye,

But alas! The twist of fate came through,

When I felt your warm arms around me, so soon.

I cried an ocean for you, lover

As you took me in your arms

I realized how much I didn’t deserve the love you gave

So I wanted to part ways, set you free

Make you flee from the girl that wanted to see,

A world without her lover’s heart

As I parted from your warm embrace,

I calmly said:

“I’m so sorry, please give me another chance,

To make right the things I have broken past,

And if you truly want me to set you free,

Just say the word, and you’ll be home free”.

You stand there, your eyes already swollen,

Then I saw it again, the hurt in your eyes

A flicker of light came from those beaded eyes,

A flicker of hope, as I sighed

Those brown eyes I have loved so dearly,

The pain in those eyes turned to joy as you hug me again

As you ruefully said:

“I’ll never let you go, my lover!

Before I left I knew this was going to happen one way or another

I pictured you with another guy, much loving than I,

But still, you kept your words so dreadfully.

To be completely honest I was hurt so bad,

When you told me about the boy you once loved (for a little while),

But then again, I must confess,

That I did not kept in touch while I was away.

I made the mistake of letting you go,

Making you have the idea it was easy to let go,

Because I was neglecting the lover I shouldn’t set free,

And thus, making her hands feel free.

If I did not neglect you for so long,

And I kept in touch with you even so barely,

It wouldn’t give you the idea I was letting go in the first place,

And thus keeping our relationship stable to any day.

I should be the one to say sorry,

For making you feel alone even though you are with me.

I truly forgive you for what you did,

Because deep down in my heart,

I knew you never gave chance the other lover to love you like I did.

I hope this means amends to both our sides,

And we forgive each other, for making stupid tries”.

He kissed me ever so passionately,

That reminded me the girl and the boy we were once, only freed;

To the truths that even the most perfect relationships,

Has its own flaws to the very end.

As we parted our lips, I can still feel his soft lips against mine

His minty taste of both him and I.

I think that kiss really sealed the deal,

That we were both at peace with our relationship.

We let fate intervene,

As our broken hearts starts to heal.

We made up and we did not give up.

We let love drive us worlds away.

Let the truth be told, I was madly in love!

To a boy who also loves me so endearingly.

We let that lesson to always remain as a lesson,

Not an event in history that can still repeat if allowed.

And now, as he leaves again for our necessity

I know that I’ll never make the same mistakes.

I knew now that he’ll do everything just to right the wrong things,

And the best part is, I will also do that too.

Now, as I scribble notes down in my page out in a sunny day,

In a small café, down the pavement where our eyes first locked away,

I realized quickly when I thought of the night that would have broken what’s ours,

It was not a night that put us in a dreaded edge;

It was the first and only night,

That I confessed my love for you.

Tonight I Confess My Love For You
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