trisemester disaster

Tri-semester Disaster

The management of the university decided to change the system of our school from two semesters to tri-semesters in a year, this decision is making so many foreign students think twice before coming to this school because of this system,…


Tri-semester Disaster

The management of the University where we are studying decided to change the system of our school from two semesters to tri-semesters in a year, this decision is making so many foreign students think twice before coming to this university because of this system, we can only have 18 units per semester which is not satisfying because we want to graduate and go back where we came from ASAP.

This decision has some advantages, but it has way more disadvantages like first it would take time for all students to graduate considering the low number of units offered, separated vacation days, classes would be extended to 4 hours. And the tuition fee will be much higher because of the tri-semester system especially for foreigners who must pay extra 100 dollars donation fee per year. And because of this new system, most of the students are upset because we will only be given 1 month of summer vacation, unlike most universities.

The only good thing about this new system students don’t have to come, class, every day which will give us more vacant time to review and study with no pressure, and more time to explore the Philippines and enjoy our time here because  ”It’s more fun in The Philippines” diba? :p



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In our course, pharmacy, it’s a big disadvantage. Just to think of compressing all those subjects in a semester, a shorter time span to study a very difficult and broad topic subjects. ? #CantSayNoMore


Its a big check

Mary Nicole



Colico, Jester T. PSY152 Transnational – The education system of the Philippines is one of the things in our country that is considered a transnational one. It is adapted from the educational system from other countries such as the United States of America. In terms of tri-semestral period in college, it is a transnational one because the CHED or the Comission on Higher Education benchmarked this trisemestral curriculum from other countries such as Canada, England, and other northern countries. This system that has been bench-marked is employed with the culture of the Philippines in the sense of time period it… Read more »

Mara Lyka Salcedo

Transnational- because Tri- semester is not originally come from the Philippines, it was only adopted to other countries.


Transnational – This is considered a transnational because we just adopted Tri-semester system per academic year in other country to acquire more knowledge and to be competitive to other countries.


Transnational- This idea of having three semesters in one academic year do not come from us, we just adapted it from others. But we are trying to acquire this kind of system in our own way.


Transnational – We adopt the culture of someone’s curriculum just “to be in” in their education. Thinking it may help students to have a work without going in college.


Ongteco, Simon Peter S.
PSY 152

Transnational Culture because we adapted the educational system of other countries but its good that philippines is trying to acquire or adapt this kind of educational system.