Belief Not Required

This is the Power of Attunement and Alignment. It is becoming One with the Way of the World. What that means in real every day terms, is we use our Energy more Appropriately, and thus more efficiently and effectively, and thus we have more to spare. More energy, always means more happiness, and if we free up enough Energy, we get to Joy.

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O: –  …That was epic!

Syl: –  Yes, epic has a habit of repeating, and of being a Theme-of-Life! 🙂 😀 <3

O: – Yes! Well, kinda double. Once you’ve owned a Ferrari, you know that you CAN. So, even if you lose it, you’ll have one again if you want it.

Syl: –  Yes!

Consider also how your changes-of-being, from an abstract perspective, are impactful on this. Not in any logical way, but like on an aggregated gridwork of Universal interconnection. Like how information is aggregated on the internet. I mean, your shifts-of-perception, attitude, perspective, understanding, and your behaviour towards Boss, are massive when it comes to this. Your shifts at home, with the preparation. Also massive. Now, I truly believe there is a kind of energy internet, where these kinds of changes become a part of it, and like personal info on the internet here, they can connect and be found by those looking. 🙂 😀 I’ve seen so much that makes this theory more than just improbable. Don’t know how exactly it works, but, basically: Impeccability is its own reward.

O: –  Yep. Thought Forces!

Syl: –  Yes exactly. Or, more specifically, Intent. Intent is broader. It encompasses what we actually Are, what we are convinced of, what we actually DO. We can think a lot of crap, think we want a lot of stuff, but don’t really. Intent cuts through all that, and is what we really want, and what we really are. It is why the focus on being a real person is so key. Most are so muddled that they can’t really have Intents, just wants. Those are very very different. On the gridwork, wants mean nothing.

In this sphere of life, Intent is everything. When we consider, that scientifically, the Universe is made of energy, and that matter is merely coalesced energy, or, Energy to which Intent has been applied, then things starts to fall into place. Going a step further, the Universe IS Intent! Now everything changes. Once we tap into this Understanding, that’s where Attunement comes into play, and makes the incredible massive difference it does. Attuning to the greater Intent, as it applies to US individually, makes a phenomenal difference. The relationship with that general impersonal Intent is a function of the individual, and thus completely different for everyone.

If we look a bit deeper, we realise that the Intent of the Universe, is really OUR Intent. But way more sophisticated, way more complex, deeper –  extrapolated to the max. It’s like we fed our Intent into a super super-computer and it’s calculated out and unravelled out all the implications, sending back a Universe and a reality best suited to match our Intent.

This is where most lose it. They confuse Intent with want. Not the same. Most want what they don’t Intend. Their wants are counter-productive relative to their Intents. Mostly their wants are petty indulgences that mean nothing. Would you for instance trade that Ferrari for the ability to be truly Patient, or trade the Ferrari for being free from worry? Of Course! Because an impatient worrying Ferrari owner is still not happy. 🙂 😀 <3

So really, what is our Intent at root? It is to be Good! That overrides everything else. Yes?

But, being Good, when taken to extremes by the Super Super Computer, means things like Patience, Independence-of-Being, Awareness, Discernment, Discipline, Judgement, and of course, the champion of them all, the necessary ingredient that makes all of those possible: AWARENESS. Being able to be truly Good requires Awareness.

So, our simple Intent to be Good, now has taken on a massively sophisticated complexity. Our reality is shaped by what we need to learn in the context of our Deep and True Intent. Our reality is thus extremely personal, based on what is right for US according to OUR Intent, and according to our character and personality. We thus Intend circumstances where we can get the opportunity to be Good, to be better at being Good, to learn and become more aware of just exactly what in ourselves we need to pay Attention to. Thus our reality we Intend is about becoming Aware of ourselves, Aware of our connection with our OWN Intent, and Aware that in a Universe made entirely of Energy, Intent is a Potent Force! Intent is a force potent beyond our wildest imaginings! <3

O: –  Agree that Intent is more powerful than Wants.

Syl: –  Yes, we think we know what we want, but not really. 🙂 😀

Thing is, with this Life-View Perspective, it doesn’t matter if one believes it or not. All one has to do is take it for a test-drive. (Since we are on the car analogy) Treating this Intent Perspective AS-IF it works, trying it out. Just that alone changes everything. And then of course the more we test, the more we see how it works, and, “Belief not Required!”

And, we might ask, Wouldn’t anyone want to subscribe to this view of how things work? It’s fantastic in its Implications! Taken fully, it means WE are the originators of our world! So why Wouldn’t we want in on this?

Responsibility – That’s why! This Perspective-of-Life, and how it works, also implies a massive massive total Responsibility, and for most, that is scary. It’s the one thing they absolutely run away from. Hence the popularity of religions, where one hands off Responsibility. Or other escapisms. But in the end, it’s just us, and the Responsibility for our choices is all ours, can only be all ours. There is no running away from Responsibility! Cannot be done. Thus the sooner we get with the program, the better.

This is the Power of Attunement and Alignment. It is becoming One with the Way of the World. What that means in real every day terms, is we use our Energy more Appropriately, and thus more efficiently and effectively, and thus we have more to spare. More energy, always means more happiness, and if we free up enough Energy, we get to Joy.

Ha-ha, and there you have it. Just like that: How it all works. 🙂 😀 <3 Lol. 😛

(But, the biggest inhibitor to adopting Profound Ideas is the fear of looking silly, as Profound Ideas tend to be outside our comfort zone.)


By Syl Sebastian

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Syl Sabastian

Syl Sabastian

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