* Reverse poetry *

(Top to bottom: the broken
Bottom to top: the breaker)

I’m sorry.
I will never forget
In my heart
What you did.
It does not matter what they think.
This kind of love
You don’t deserve
They say.
I am the victim.
It is false to say that
I was the one who lost it all.
The truth is
I kept holding on.
In my dreams
I destroyed you,
It kept haunting me
I remained still
After all that you’ve done.
Left in the dark,
I should have been the one
I thought I would be
Finding the light, but no.
Still, there are ways of
Letting you go.
But I am certain, my mistake is
I cannot figure out.
Maybe there are really things that
Cannot be repaired.
Like a glass broken in a milion pieces.
My life is a mess.

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Majesty Ramos


  1. It is really hard to forget than to forgive someone.

  2. Ho Kai Teng (Sky Ho)
    Ho Kai Teng (Sky Ho)

    Life and works of Rizal
    Activity PRE161

    You have to learn and grow from forget and forgive which makes a better you. Even it isn’t to be forgive and forget.

  3. Forgiveness is key to happiness

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