Blog Tour Book Review: Start Here (Short Stories of First Encounters)

Signed up for the Blog Tour and received an epub copy of this anthology in exchange for an honest review. This is my second blog tour and yes it's still #romanceclass. Blog tour runs from February 19 - 23, 2018.

TITLE: Start Here (Short Stories of First Encounters)

AUTHORS: H. Bentham, Agay Llanera, Katt Briones, Ella Banta, Danice Sison, Yeyet Soriano, Barbie Barbieto, Bobbi Moran, Motzie Dapul, Brigitte Bautista

RATING: ☆☆☆☆ (4.5/5)

Signed up for the Blog Tour and received an epub copy of this anthology in exchange for an honest review. This is my second blog tour and yes, it’s still #romanceclass. Blog tour runs from February 19 – 23, 2018. The book was a collection of M/M, F/F, F/NB short romance stories, and i believe that some of the stories have heat levels, so be warned guys! So, I will be reviewing this anthology per story.


In the Moonlight by Agay Llanera 

Rating: 5

I’ve always loved the book Another Word for Happy so reading this short story of Caleb makes me so happy and brings me back to the other book, I love his story so much and I want to see the changes in him and of course, I want to see him happy and to see him find his special one. Knowing how much he has changed has brought me into tears, I am so pleased on how he had become, on how he was able to move on from Franco and as I can see this is yet the much better version of himself, add to that the relationship we had now with his Mom. This book solely focuses on Caleb alone and yes Ezra?? My God my mind is working overtime thinking of Ezra. I adore his character, he is so positive and well yeah hot! I can only imagine him and Caleb. Just pure beauty. I love the fact that from the start of the story I knew that he likes Caleb but taking it slow. It is definitely worth the wait. I think he would be the best one for Caleb. And that kiss and the tapsilog with pepper thing? Clever, just clever! I am just swooning over them. And glad that the ending of this short story happens the way exactly what I want them to be. Ms. Agay never fails to make me feel this way. I just wish there is a full-length story of happy endings for Ezra and Caleb. I want more!!

Come Full Circle by Bobbi Moran

Rating: 4

I love how the story was told in Lan’s point of view. This story makes me warm inside and kilig. One of those stories that most of us can really relate to. When you have feelings for a friend but you can’t tell the person because you are afraid or not really sure how would the person react. When sometimes you think that taking a risk means getting what you want or maybe not. But I love how patient Lan is in waiting  only to make Marion realize that she also loves Lan. I get all the feels in this one. Happy endings are just love, sometime you’ll never know that the one for you is just around the corner.

Gorgeous by  Motzie Dapul

Rating: 4

The story was a bit heavy on some parts and I can totally relate to Gorgeous (I think her name was not mentioned in the story and I read it twice just to make sure and I am calling her that because to me she is really gorgeous.) I really feel her, how she gets bullied in high school, how she feels about herself, no confidence at all and the fact that she thinks nobody will ever like her or love her, I see a bit of myself in her. Each one of us has a little bit of Gorgeous inside of us. But I like her attitude as the story goes by. On the other hand how she met Jays was just lovely, I feel intrigued and I had a strong feeling of what will come around. The story about Gorgeous and Them is really unexpected ,revelation of who Them really is, to me was one of the exciting part of this story.  As the characters give it time and forget and forgive the past, I know that they will be happy with each other even if things got bad at some point. This short story has all the feels In it, from happy, to sad and then it becomes hot. It’s a good read.

Shipping Included by Danice Sison

Rating: 5

This story is so cute. Very millennial and yes KPOP. Filipinos are so into them and we all know that. As for me, I am much more into the KDramas instead of the KPOP boyband/girlband thing. As for the story, I so adore David and Kiko. I fell in love with them. For me, they’re so perfect. The characters are very on point and I love it, I love them. I had lots of fun reading their KPOP adventure, you definitely can see the other side of David which is nice. Kiko is a good brother, and his character just fits perfectly with the story.  This is a feel-good story and I feel happy about it, I giggle with David and Kiko and yes I ship them! I envisioned them as this happy, lovely and gorgeous couple. I want to see more of their adventures and escapade. It keeps me asking for more, more of them. I want to see them go further and I bet their story will just be as lovely as this one. The story is very light, no drama frills, but very heartwarming and cute.

Delubyo by Barbie Barbieto

Rating 3.5

The story was simple yet interesting. The relationship of Pebbles and Gab develops into a more serious note. And of course finally, at the end of it, P realizes her love for Gab is not just temporary. Love that is until the end of time. I like the story, how it progress till the end. I just wish for more of them.

The Other Story by H. Bentham

Rating 4

This one is so very hot! Yes, you read it right sexually hot and stimulating. My God! How in the world would you be able to read this story without sweating. It’s a good story and the way the author describes the pumping and the kissing and all makes you visualize it in your mind. I tell you it is wild. But, when you keep reading it, I feel warmth and sweetness from the characters. It will somehow make you believe that there is also a happy ending for this kind of first encounters. I like the last part it makes me giddy, I feel the love between Marcus and Pablo. I hope Pablo will say yes!

Blooms and Hues by Ella Banta

Rating 5

I don’t know how to describe this one but it has all the feels and it is just lovely. From the very first line of the book I know, it will be sweet, it will be warm and it will be very colorful like the flowers. I love Haya’s name perfectly fits him. Right from the start, you can already see the budding relationship and I like that. The story is clean, short but well developed. I like the way it is written. All the characters were just adorable. Patrick’s sister was too funny, he really ships Haya and Pat and it is good kind of shipping.

Another First by Yeyet Soriano

Rating 4.5

OMG! This is just so good. I love how well this is written, how well the author has described the places they have been. It feels like you were also there with the characters. I enjoyed Lily so much, her character was just full of joy and liveliness. Jess on the other hand, during the first part of the story I was kind of annoy with her attitude but I was happy that she has come to terms with everything, even herself at the end. And Matteo was just hot! The story progress slowly but surely and lovely. It has the exact feels and not too much drama which I like. I love that the characters just compliment each other and yes to all the body shots and the drinking!! I enjoyed this so much!

Luck from the Skies by Katt Briones

Rating 4

This has all the Oppa feels to it! From the characters to the contest and the management of the artists it all has the Korean feels to it. And I know that most of us will relate to the fandoms and all. I love Chan, he is so warm and nice and just right about anything. His character lifts up the mood of the story. Asher was okay too. But the ending for me was a bit fast, I wish that they have a bit more confrontations or banters about what happen and I feel that only Chan was able to voice out his frustrations and feelings to Asher, I wish that Asher could’ve voiced out his feelings too. I would like to see them debate a little more before making up. But Asher went for the kiss and all is just well again. I need a bit of drama first. But I love this story, it is very promising and I love it. Fighting!

Lemon Drop Friday by Brigitte Bautista

Rating 4

I really need to have that Lemon Drop drink!! I bet it taste good haha! Oh, again the feeling of liking someone and not be able to let them know was just hard. Tal and Liv are perfect for each other, from the very beginning of the story I totally want them to be together. Oh yes, I ship them. I didn’t stop reading this story so that I can assure myself that they will be together. And if not, I will confront the author itself and ask her WHY?? But yes it is worth the wait reading this book till the end. It is just worth it waiting for the right moment for Tal. And by the way i like the name Tala. She sparkles like a star whenever she was with Liv. And Liv? why look for someone else when a star was always right there with you. This is just so good and I love it.

After reading this anthology, my feels was heightened by all of these glorious stories. It is such a delight to read the stories by these talented authors. I enjoyed this anthology so much and of course a romanceclass book would not really be complete without food because yes food is life right? This book has so much feels, emotions, kilig and is super hot! So please be warned as most stories will make you sweat and crave for more or make you feel things. Hoping to read more from the #romanceclass people. Thank you to Ms. Tara for the chance to join this blog tour. I know my review was a bit late and I truly apologize for that. But thank you so much romanceclass for the chance to read all of your wonderful books. I encourage everyone to support our local authors and their books. Don’t forget to also leave a review on their beautiful works.


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