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HIV/Aids can kill over a hundred of people a year. It can affect anyone regardless of your race, sex, or age. It cannot be seen, treated, readily detected or destroyed.

HIV/Aids can kill over a hundred people a year. It can affect anyone regardless of your race, sex, or age. It cannot be seen, treated, readily detected or destroyed. It can destroy millions of people without wars or violence. What would you do if you found out tomorrow you had AIDS? What do we do to fight HIV/Aids today?

The HIV virus that causes AIDS began to affect the nation many years ago and was first discovered and documented by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia in 1979. I wasn’t born yet. It is an increasingly frightening disease for which no cure has yet been created. It is important to know however that methods are currently available which can prevent the transfer of this virus, and even slow down its malicious effects before they become fatal. It is equally important to know how to avoid getting the virus and the symptoms in case you might run across them.

First of all, AIDS is caused by the retrovirus HIV. HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. AIDS itself stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. As its name implies, AIDS is a virus that is acquired and attacks the immune system making it useless in the event of other viral or bacterial attacks on the human body.

As an LGBT member, my advocacy is to educate and influence the youth on how to raise awareness of a certain causes like HIV/Aids in both rural and urban in our country especially in my town in Region 1 which is in Pangasinan. I will be campaigning as far as I can, not only for the LGBT community but also for the men and women in our country.  I will promote programs that will help young people lessen risky sexual behaviors by encouraging condom use, partner reduction and early HIV testing and treatment. I will be advocated and request for increased funding for prevention and research in the Government. I will helped ensure that millions of people in our country got access to antiretroviral treatment. And I will have cracked down on the stigma around the virus and helped lift the travel ban that prevented people with HIV/AIDS from entering our country. I know that with the help of our government and former Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, everything will be in order and control.

We know how to prevent the virus now. We know how to diagnose the virus now. We know how to treat it. We know how to suppress it.

So, what do we do to fight HIV/AIDS today? We invest in research and education. We expand treatment and prevention. As a young advocate, people in the local and private government can help us to meet our goal of an AIDS-free generation.

So as an advocate, the progress of awareness starts with getting tested, I do encourage everyone to please get yourselves tested, it’s free!

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  1. I really like this post because this is my advocacy as well. I agree with your advocacy to invest in education and research about HIV. And this post will help those young people out there to be aware about this matter.

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