Eccentric Theatre

In a midsummer night, Shakespeare

tweeted his whole company

calling for a meeting

at the Theatre and Technology Fair in London.

His latest inspiration would put together

Blu-Ray, Bluetooth and Android

as obsoletes characters in a future

where electricity was earn by great talent

Peter Quince, the carpenter,

who now is a famous builder,

brought his IPad

Nick Bottom, the weaver,

who became a magnificent artist,

held proudly his IPhone 7

Robin Starveling, the tailor,

who designed the previous London Fashion,

made sure his Samsung 8 was turned on

Tom Snout, the tinker,

and Snug, the joiner,

both partners at Apple supplies store,

took along new laptops for all of them.

Francis Flute, the bellows-mender,

was already at the Fair,

as he is now the

creator of Techno Theatre,

something Shakespeare has been willing

to make in 3D for a long time.



Alessandra Salisbury

Alessandra Salisbury

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