I made it at 1:00.
When my bed does not let my body to lie in and take a rest.

I made it at 2:00.
After a bulb lighted in my head and forced me to write about you.

I made it at 3:00.
At the time the monsters inside me try to hurt and devastate my life.

I made it from 4:00 until 16:00.
As my body give in and lie in my overcast bed.

I made it at 17:00.
Since a cup of coffee and a piece of cake shared a table with me in the coffee shop across the street.

I made it from 18:00 ‘til 20:00.
When I just stare at the glass window of the shop as the rain pours and the raindrops track every single space in it.

I made it at 21:00.
While the rain continues to fall and my only choice is to enjoy every drop of it as I walk to home.

I made it at 22:00.
As I wander in the bathtub if I worth this life.

I made it at 23:00.
When my body refuses to give in to my overcast bed.

I made it at 00:00.
Since there are no deafening sounds from monsters trying to destroy me. There is no light bulb forcing me to write about you. Lastly, I made it since my soul endures the pain without you.

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