frying the egg yolks of yesterday

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egg yolks the ugly writers

You broke me with your nightmares,

Fractured me with wounds that were never mine to carry;

You threw salt into every wound as if the darkness itself didn’t wound deep enough

— You told me to grow a backbone when you were the one using your pain to shatter me

Instead of breaking the cycle that wounded you,

And did you feel like a man breaking a happy-go-lucky girl already riddled with anxiety and insecurities?

Did you feel like a man for wounding a little girl starved of love?

All i wanted to do was make you proud,

I wanted to be a good daughter;

But you wouldn’t even let me be a good person let alone daughter

— there was always something i said or did wrong,

I was always too something or not enough of another;

I grew weary and exhausted of trying to make you happy because you were never satisfied

—you were always so quick to criticize and judge me,

and you never believed in me or my dreams; always told me to take my head from the clouds

— I’m glad i never listened because if i had heard you and all the things you were saying,

I would have never had the courage to find my dreams; i am done walking on egg shells,

Father, let the egg yolks of yesterday be fried

— I’m going to live my life, walk my journey, and sing out loud;

I have found my voice and you won’t take my magic or my divinity from me anymore.

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