Why We Always Agree to Disagree?

People do have their own judgment to criticize based on what they feel or know. Once they are convinced by their own judgment, it is easy for them to create another perception to talk about. It creates nothing but a non-sense conversation when it starts. You know what I mean.

As world commits today in a several platforms of distributing information, people are hooked to blurry part of possible verdicts. Oftentimes, they used it as their reference to be updated on what is actually happening to their surroundings. Sometimes, they always get themselves in a hard time in choosing and paralleling of information. As they are frightened by this, they have started to create conflicts and disagree in social media. Maybe due to repetitive uncertain experiences, some people have their guts to not rely and trust in social media. Lack of credibility is the main reason why they always disagree on it; yet sometimes, it is also served as comment place in pinpointing other uncertain information that is why it does not end up in a best result. It leads to a worse result in a very beginning.

However, even there are some instances that really show facts, they go beyond and never look at it due to what is already curved on their mind– that it is not worth the trust that they are giving in. They ignore the facts based on what they are experiencing like getting uncertain details, unrelated data, and even deceitful information. Fake information has been spreading and left us questioning ourselves if we are going to believe or not. Sometimes, as we always end up in this kind of scenario, we are jumping into a conclusion. Our judgment became poor to criticize, believe, convince, and make a right and valuable decision.

As it happens, people always end up on what they only know. Uncertainly, as how people are doing today, they always jump into conclusion even they are lack of information to share whether they do agree or disagree. They are quite dependent on what other people’s viewpoints and left  questioning ourselves once we perceived it, they also start to disagree on a certain topic, only based on what they hear, see, and know without a proper analysis. Nothing will happen but uncertain judgements that will surely cause to misunderstanding and chaos. It is quite difficult to deal with because their thought about a particular topic is too limited to create and decide whether he or she agrees or disagrees.

People who love to disagree in social media are ones whose minds are well-fixed by their own thoughts– and will never be changed by anyone.


Arguing in Social Media

When my favorite product published their commercial in social media, I quickly got to it and saw myself making a comment. I made a good review about the positive benefits of this product to me as it is really beneficial to me. I commented there that every time I use that product (product that I was saying) it really helps my skin to be and it really lessens my acne . It is normal for the teenager to be conscious in their looks, right?


As I commented there, I always emphasized that those benefits are just for me and there is a possibility that not everyone may not experience these because it really depends on how that product reacts on their skin. Many people were against to my review about to that product. They always entered the bad effects that they got when they used that product. As I was saying, it is included to my comment the word “para sa akin”, but their minds were already fixed.


At the end, I just kept myself distant from that because it really pushed me to be rude and inconsiderate.


Another Experiencing Why I Hate Believing in Social Media

(Just Want to Share)

It is a normal for a student to wait for the announcements if there is a class suspension during bad weather condition. As that scenario, some people get the opportunity to deceive people through making posters in some social media accounts that there is a class suspension. As an indolent student, i got myself to believe on it since that I was enjoying my bed and the weather. “Expectation vs. Reality”, you know the feeling, right?

As I believed on it, I was just totally deceived. As a result, I ended up in a scenario getting myself up so quickly as I could. I prepared myself for just only minutes compared to the time that I always consume preparing myself during school days. I really felt that I was little bit bad version of Flash due to my fast-moving actions during that day. It was hard moving so quickly since my mind and body soul was too occupied by different scenario like what if I was the only one late, I was the only one who they were awaiting for, or what if I was the only who got deceived by that hell-like poster.

Since that day, I never believed on information posted in social media. I verify first before I give my judgment. Various of reference I get before I believe. Therefore, even the information posted in a social media is factual and informative, I always do ignoring it and making myself busy in verifying it in a several sites or reference just to maximize my judgment to create its decision whether the information is true or not.