The Comfort in Misconception

Published by Alyssa Rica A. Villanueva on

the ugly writers

Life will never be fair on you if you only look at disdain and inconvenience.

Let me break it all down for you.

Each one of us has gone through something contemptuous that led us into the irreversible fate of our being. We may not agree as to how another’s path unfolds but we can incline ourselves into understanding.

Do not engage yourself into thinking that those people who hurt you will ever return to collect the knife they left behind your back. Zebras do not change their stripes, people shed skins dictated by season alone.

People will always have something to say, so do your piece anyway. A wise guy told me once that everyone is entitled to an opinion, but not everybody matters. Never commit yourself into becoming everyone’s cup of tea. You can’t please a roomful of people and you don’t have to.

Do not make it your job to save people from the hell hole they put themselves in the first place. You are accountable only to the unfolding of your future. You can exhaust yourself fussing on how they will turn out or you may take that opportunity to create a masterpiece that is your own.

People who detest you would say they knocked you down, but focus on the ones who saw you land on two feet; these are the ones you should keep. Sometimes, it takes crossing an ocean to get out of people’s shadow. When you do, spend no more time doubting your decisions. Look back but don’t dare go back.

Do not bother yourself with all those shade thrown at you. Pity the ones who never actually move since the day you left. Stop giving them the satisfaction of seeing you stoop down their level. Stop sacrificing your peace of mind to get even with someone who clearly hasn’t found theirs. What Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than of Sally. Insecurities resonate the loudest and it was their choice to let it speak for them anyways. As much as you desperately want to put people in their proper place, don’t. Sometimes it’s better to keep your peace and let it pass. Stay in your place – that way they can’t reach you.

Learn to find comfort in being misunderstood. Give up battles that no longer serve you. At the end of the day, it is not about the number of battles you’ve won; thump only the right ones. Grow up to get a glow up.


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Raymond Del Rosario

I. “Never commit yourself into becoming everyone’s cup of tea.” For me, never conform with how people should see you as a person. Never let anyone decide on how and what you should be for yourself. Be the way you want yourself to be.

II. Mind your own business. Focus on your own path instead of throwing stones at every dogs that barks. Its your on life anyways.

Anne Klein Serrano
Anne Klein Serrano

1. “Never commit yourself into becoming everyone’s cup of tea” means that you should not change yourself just to fit in with other people’s interests or taste. Not let anyone to change you for who you are.
2. I felt that just be ourselves and don’t let anyone to interfere for who we are. If they don’t want or like us then goodbye. People just come and go so go with the flow.

Jonathan Arcayna

1. The line “Never commit yourself into becoming everyone’s cup of team” means that never let anyone take advantage of you. You are more than anything so never let anyone use you as a tool.

2. I felt “inspired and motivated” after reading the article by Ms. Villanueva, this is because I have the same ideology with her. I never want anyone to hold me back. if i think a person is not worth to be with I’d rather lose them than to lose myself.

Katrina Perez

ACT-182 The phrase “Never commit yourself into becoming everyone’s cup of tea.” means you shouldn’t let others take the right of being you. Don’t let them create a whole new personality just to satisfy their expectations towards you. Don’t let others accept you from the person that they want you to be. And don’t persude those people who aren’t willing to stay in your life, especially those people who can’t accept the real you. They have their own lives, and you have yours too. Be yourself and love yourself, always. For the umpteenth time, I felt motivated again when it… Read more »

Frances Benigno

i.The line “You can’t please a roomful of people and you don’t have to.” for me, you don’t need to do something just to please someone, because first it’s not your job to do it, and second you are not obliged to do so.

ii. Stand for our own and not for someone, this what I’ve realized after reading this. I also felt that I should not be
dependent on anyone, because at the end of the day It was only me who will be facing my challenges in life.

Kimberly Ann C. Santiago

Santiago, Kimberly Ann C. ACT 182 1. “Never commit yourself into becoming everyone’s cup of tea.” This line meant to say that JUST BE WHO YOU ARE. Do not change yourself and/or please everyone just to be part of them. Be the best version of yourself and don’t let anyone belittle you for who you are. 2. This article made me lots of realizations from being related to it. It made me feel like relieved because I was once a person who’s always afraid of how will people perceive me. But then, this article taught me that life will never… Read more »

Kezia Lucas

LUCAS, KEZIA DOROTHY D. ACT182 1. “Never commit yourself into becoming everyone’s cup of tea.” I think what the writer meant about this line is that, you shouldn’t put yourself out there and make it your life mission to please everyone by becoming who they want you to be. Just be yourself and show them what you truly are. You are your own person. 2. After reading, I thought to myself, “Gosh. I didn’t know that I needed this so bad.” It is because, It made me realize a lot of things. This article made me feel that I should… Read more »

Claire Cadorna

1. “Never commit yourself into becoming everyone’s cup of tea.” We should not rely on other people. We should not let them decide and live on our minds. We have our own life and we shouldn’t focus on the things that do not matter. Never waste your time on worthless things.

2. I realized that we are responsible in our own lives. We should never settle for less. Focus on our future rather than living in anyone’s expectation.

Peachy Galera

I. I think the author wanted to say that there will always a person who will throw negative insights towards you. I think he or she is a victim of gossip. That no matter she or he is doing, someone will bash her or his actions.
II. Honestly I feel irritated. Here in the Philippines, there is a famous phrase “saan ako lulugar?”. It simply states that haters will gonna hate you no matter how good you are doing. What more if you are doing bad? Probably the gossip will still alive and awake.

Keycie Ann Arevalo

AREVALO, KEYCIE ANN S. ACT-182 I. “Never commit yourself into becoming everyone’s cup of tea.” means that you should not change yourself for others. Do not waste your time and effort just to convince and satisfy their expectations. You cannot please everyone to value you as how you value them. Seek your path with those person who see your beauty as a shinning diamond even though you have lots flaws. II. I just realized that, being who you are is the most important ingredients to be free and happy in life. Learn to voice out yourself and let that fear… Read more »

elianar dela Pena

“Never commit yourself into becoming everyone’s cup of team” said that we won’t let others dictate on what we would like to become.
After reading this, I’d realized that I will not anyone to drag me down and to dictate what I would like to be and what should I act. I just keep moving and pursuing what I would like to be.

Isiah David Dones

Dones, Isiah David L. ACT 182

I. Never commit yourself into becoming everyone’s cup of tea” This statement means that you should never dig into the life of others you should not mind anyone’s business, we all have our own pace and we should be focusing on our own and not to meddle anyone’s life.

II. I realized that you should stand alone and be yourself you’re not made to please everyone and meet everyone’s expectation what really matters is who will accept you and will stay with you in the end.

Dianna Faye L. Cabungcal
Dianna Faye L. Cabungcal

ACT 182

1. “Never commit yourself into becoming everyone’s cup of tea.” This means that you cannot please everyone and it is not your obligation to please them. We should not change ourselves for other people.

2. We have all the rights on how we want to live our lives. Lets not interfere with other peoples’ choices. Let people enjoy the things that they want.

Gail Benedicto Arciaga

1. “Never commit yourself into becoming everyone’s cup of tea”. You should not let anyone decide for you, also you should just be yourself. Never let anyone control your own decisions in life.
2. I felt like it is so true that you should not let anyone take over you. That’s the most important thing that you’ll ever do in your life. Just be yourself.

Karen Dayle
Karen Dayle

Karen Dayle ACT 182 “Never commit yourself into becoming everyone’s cup of tea.” For me this means that we should not change our self to be accepted by the society or to be belong in a society or group of people. Don’t let other change you in the way they wanted you to be. After I read this article I was relate in the idea of changing yourself to be loved by the society, because there is a time in my life when I try my very hard to be accepted by the society. I changed my self so that… Read more »

She Mercado

‘Never commit yourself into becoming everyone’s cup of tea’ statement implies that the world is filled with people who, no matter what you do, no matter what you try, will simply not like you. But you should not waste your finite time and heart trying to convince the people who aren’t see your value. Not everyone will value you the same way you value them but that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. —— We are taught from a young age that other people’s opinions matter, usually a lot more than our own opinions matter. We grow up seeking… Read more »

Ericka V . Dueñas

1. “Never commit yourself into becoming everyone’s cup of tea” means that always be yourself. Don’t change so people will like you. Accept the fact that no matter what you do, no matter what you try, people will always judge you. Just simply be yourself and the right people will love the real you. 2. The message of this article really hits me hard. Lately, I’m trying to change myself just to fit with other people’s taste. But then after reading this article, I realized that maybe I am not for them as they are not for me. So if… Read more »

Trisha Ellao

Trisha I. Ellao ACT 182

The line, “never commit yourself into becoming everyone’s cup of tea,” means do not be so dependant and affected on how people perceive and treat you. Be yourself, do not let anyone dull what you think is good for you.

This article reminds me to remain as who I am. If people like me, then better, but if don’t, I just don’t care. What important most is I live with no one being hurt.

Jan Patricia Lynn B. Usita
Jan Patricia Lynn B. Usita

Jan Patricia Lynn B. Usita ACT182 * ” Never commit yourself into becoming everyone’s cup of tea.” Based on my perspective, it means that you shouldn’t let anyone build the “self” that you do not really want to be. Do not be someone’s puppet. Just be yourself. Don’t let anyone dictates you, just do want you really want to do. * Don’t be bothered by the people around you. Be the writer of your story. This what I actually felt after I’ve read this article. It gave me a lot of realizations since I honestly see myself from some situations… Read more »

rav dano

i.In everyone’s cup of tea you should not commit into yourself. you should not change yourself on other people talk’s about you to fit you on them.
II.We should stand on our own feet not on other people , because they cannot change yourself for them to be them. go with the flow. be Yourself.

rav dano

I. You should never commit yourself into becoming one’s everyone tea’s. never change yourself on other people,because you want you like them.
II.Instead of changing yourself for other people, continue the path on what you are doing and not changing the path so that you want to be with them.

Glaiza Gangan

ACT182 1. “Never commit yourself into becoming everyone’s cup of tea.” For me, this means not letting other people’s opinion control you. This means that we should never try to please everyone when making decision for ourselves. We should not be slave to what other people want and we should never mold ourself to fit the idea of what other people think you “should” be. Never give a crap about what other people think and instead, tune into your own desires and just stay real about who you really are. 2. After reading this article, it made me realized that in… Read more »

Angelica Suarez
Angelica Suarez

Angelica I. Suarez ACT182 1. The author meant about “Never commit yourself into becoming everyone’s cup of tea” is that you should not change yourself just for everyone to like you, that is the first thing that comes to my mind. We have our own differences, we are all unique. We don’t need to rely with others just to fit in. Don’t let others bring you down. Don’t be affected with what the others might think about you. Live your own life because you own it. Just be yourself. 2. I felt relieved after reading the article of Ms. Villanueva.… Read more »

ana alberto

Avellaneda, Neil Bryan V. – ACT182
1. “Never commit yourself into becoming everyone’s cup of tea.” This line conveys to don’t let people tell you what to do or decide for you. You breathe for yourself do use your dignity and go for what YOU want not for the other want you to be.
2. What i have realized is that you can’t always be nice to everyone or let them in because they will take advantage of that and use you DON’T LET ANYONE USE YOU FOR THEIR PERSONAL GAIN.

Clarisse Anne Salipot
Clarisse Anne Salipot

Clarisse Salipot , ACT182

1. “Never commit yourself into becoming everyone’s cup of tea”
for me, you should not rely on others if how they will see you, just be yourself and always follow your heart’s desire. Always think that yourself is yourself, not others so do what you want and be real.

2. I felt being inspired to do things on my own will. I realized that i am responsible of my own life and never think of what will people say unless nothing will get hurt.


1. “‘Never commit yourself into becoming everyone’s cup of tea” means for me, that you should never be what others want to see, just be you and enjoy
2. Just be happy and do not base on what other want to see

shaina elnar


1. I believe “Never commit yourself into becoming everyone’s cup of tea.” means that you don’t have to change yourself for people to like you. Be who you are regardless of what they think of you.

2. Do whatever makes you happy. Don’t mind other’s opinion of you and just do what you think is right but of course still take considerations of their thoughts and feelings.