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Selfish Love

The fact that I never cared scared me the most,

The reality of my fears started with an I want you.

What must you mean?

I’m 6 ft above ground I should feel something right?

My hands feel like I got hit by something that wasn’t true.

I’m here, half a day away from where I want to be,

I’m making up excuses only I would understand , only for someone who doesn’t care about my feelings.

I just wish that I could hold you,

But all I do is make up excuses of why I can’t.

The fact I never called,

Makes me feel like a kid trying to find  a place that cares doesn’t about perfection.

Tilted black color, that lingers around my life.

What’s at stake when all you feel is remorse?

Leesa Quinn

Leesa Quinn

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