1.Come let’s star gaze today

Let’s pack the fifty five books
Along with our pending papers
And keep them aside for a while.
Let’s put on our un felt tears
On the front pockets of our shirts
And bring along a pillow to rest.
Let’s take our life a little slow
Sip it like the lemonade
And float throughout the night.
Let’s donate some memories for good
Your boyfriends and my girl friends
Let’s occupy our own mindspace for a while.
Cigarettes aren’t an option anymore
Let’s blow away the remaining unanswered mails and hit “delete thread”.
Come, let’s star gaze tonight.
Bring along your windchimes that sing hope,
For we will make a blanket fort of smiles tonight.

Take a warm bath
Drink tea
Dress up
Wear lipstick
Practice your “eye smile”
Pretend to be a photographer
Write letters
Buy a new pen
Eat fruits
Sleep.The whole day.
Take a walk alone
Actually call someone and speak
Leave behind stories of lost love
Leave people behind
List down your dissapointments
Feel dissapointed.
Be weak sometimes
Feel your hurts
Still share your journal entries
Trust joy. It always returns.
Don’t make a big deal outta of love.
Ask for what you want.
Don’t compare and contrast.
Even with your older self.
It’s okay to want to be monogamous.
It’s okay to not be monogamous.
It’s okay to not know .
The worst part of life is ending of love
The best is finding new ones.
There is no end to this
Remember eventually we fall in love
Over and over again with ourselves.
Stop glorifying loss
Start creating living relationship goals
Start with yourself.
Ask people out.
Allow yourself to make mistakes
Allow yourself to be right.
Take time to heal
Make time to bond
Say what hurts when it does
Don’t shut down first.
Text back first
Take a no
This no will lead to many yeses
Yes, people can say no. Even to you.
Put yourself in other’s shoes.
Fully wear your own shoe.
Remember it’s the moon many a time.
Remember the moon. Change.

3. Don’t call these times dark

Don’t call this time dark
I can see a Queer woman
Blasting her heart out
And mixing it with the air in her lungs
And words in her mouth.
Don’t call this time dark
I see rainbow flags like rainbows
I see students flying out of literal cages
I see women recognising the golden cages
I see men reveling against toxic masculinity.
I see children claiming their world.
Don’t call this time dark.
I see the people question
I see questions on the streets
Teachers, farmers.
I see a loud voice that calls out bulls shit.
I see a Kashmiri woman stirring politics in Delhi
Planting seeds across India.
I see a lawyer plot in favor of the good.
Don’t call this time dark.
I see poetry selling
I see death on a conversation table
That makes life feel it’s got a second chance.
I see a son question father’s next car
I see a father liking his daughters queer facebook posts.
Don’t call this time dark.
I see people saying no and yes
Like they mean it and mean it.
I see people loving more
I see business grown out of love.
I see possession dissolving.
Don’t call this time dark.
There are people travelling
There are people listening
There are people singing, dancing telling stories like their life depended on it.
Don’t call this time dark.
The pictures are art forms
Politics is activism
And food forests are growing
As we speak right now.
Don’t call this time dark.
Women are sitting in circles
Drum circles are happening.
People trek mountains out of love
And watch stars and running bush camps.
Don’t call this time dark.