The pain locked inside me

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The pain locked inside me


Do I don’t have the right to know, what just happen to us?

It’s been days, weeks, months… and 2019 just came… but things between us are still a fuss.

I never expected anything too much from you..because for me, what and who you are is enough.

I just don’t understand, why it has to take time before we get the closure between us.

I thought I got over you… I thought that I’m already okay without you.

But until now, this word “why” hunts me, my love…

Dreaming bad about you last night makes me thought to give you a warn—so you can be aware and be more extra careful od yourself…

and it’s not.

Dreaming bad about you last night was a warning for me…

Because it is time that I should really forget and move on about you.

It sucks, that it’s not easy..because in my 26 years of existence… 3/4’s of my life I have spent with you…

and right now…

right now.. again..

this time… I really feel so desperate to forget you.

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