Into the Sea

there was a time when I couldn’t breathe
they started sending film crew when things got too fake.
they took their spotlights there.
the worm began to tunnel,
                            where waves lap
                            forgotten memories
                            are flame dresses
                            visions of scalps, blood
                            reverse revelation —
too large for the room,
listening for ships passing in the night
to horns that sound like the fish I’ve seen.
“I hear drowning to death is preferable.”
the ladles of logic are slipping
the house paint on the plank siding
is in curls —
I’m not a demon, but am I worth it?
power lines whipping in the dusk,
feeling that flames.
the following evening after it sank
I say: “The fish always know first.”
                             but the fish have died since then.