Your Bitter Heart

Published by Jamie Katherine on

the ugly writers

You tore the petals off of flowers, 

shattered mirrors, 

and shot words like arrows into the air.

They lingered for a moment,

before breaking through fragile armor.

You are the sweet-smelling rain on a breeze

in the distance, that turned into a storm,

knocking down trees in a path of destruction.

You tried to be spring and mend the broken

and bring it back to life,

but you are a bitter winter, breathing an icy

death on what is living.

You pray for warmth, but your clouds have

pushed the sun’s rays away.

Now you’re a cemetery.

Your only friends are memories.

You sit there alone,

cursing the pain of your merciless mistakes,

that cut through you with your own

crimson covered sword.

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Mico Pederio

Such a nice poem. It shows how the author really feels and his/her hardships.

Mico Pederio

Glenn Robert Noble

Wow! A great poem showing how hardships makes you stronger.

Glenn Robert Noble

Hershey Silva

Always be brave in whatever you do. But always remember that being brave is always about revolutionary things, but also shows in passive ways.

Argentina Delacruz

A very emotional poem showing how challenges will make you stronger. Just always have courage!

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