Dear Self

You smile even when you’re sad

You laugh, but I saw you’re in pain

You clap even its had for you rejoicing

You raise up your thumb,but I know you’re not okay.

It’s your usual self to play,

Hide and seek, your favorite

Hiding the pain but seeking for happiness.

Absolutely, you’re a mess

You carry you’re bag like you’re not small

But you’re not big to carry a burden too

Knowledge and learning is what you want

But here you are no lead and yearning for nothing.

You’re here because it’s your choice

Not you’re parents neither your friend

You put yourself in a cliff

Not realizing you’re starting to fall

You thought it’s unfair so you look above

Not knowing there were people under waiting for you

Your family were cheering, your friends were supporting

Believing that you can and you will succeed.

I know you’re tired so you can rest

Not too short that you can’t think at your best

Nor too long because there’s waiting,

The people whose besides you through your ups and down

Your family waiting for your cup and gown

Your friends for your treat

Your relatives for your job

Your self for your success

And He for his plan

Dear self, I know you’re thankful

Not only for the blessings you have

But also for still standing and fighting

Trusting that what you started

You will surely finish it.


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