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the ugly writers

I was in a room
It was full of roses;
full of hopes and happiness;
full of people with a smile on their faces

I was in a room
And there I saw it
the downfall;
the fading of the wall

I was in a room
And there I saw it
How everybody left
and there’s me…

Suddenly, I was in the ocean,
I was crying,
I was shouting
for help—for nothing…

I was in the ocean—
that’s filled with tears—
and I was eaten
by my own fears;

I was in the ocean,
trying to swim;
trying to call everyone
because I was tired
of trying…

I was tired of wasting
I was tired of dying…
but then, there was me…

There was only me;
no one can help me.
no one was there for me…

I got up
and promised to fight
and to never give up
because there’s just me.

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