A Letter for My Future Self

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Dear Future Self,

Whoever, whatever, and whenever you are right now, always remember that you are there for a reason, you are there because you have to do something. And God put you there because he knows that you can do it. I know you’ve been through a lot, but when you meet the bad times again, please be reminded to look on the brighter side of the situation and never be defeated by those bad times.

And dearest self, it’s not bad to be good to yourself, so please always love yourself especially whenever you’re feeling some insecurities, and doubts on your self, please, just please, appreciate and love yourself. And dearest future self, could you please learn from mistakes huh! Don’t you dare do things that will harm you or the people around you.

Future self, I know that years from now, things will change and some things will not happen the way you want it to be, but please don’t lose hope and continue believing. And be a strong person to conquer every fears, challenges, and circumstances that arrives in your life. Dearest self, what you are right now is the product of the experiences and learnings you had before. So please, to my present self, study hard and be a good person so that future self would be your better version.

Yours truly,


Present Self


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That letter is so lit! ?

Deniece Irish Nicole Macaraig
Deniece Irish Nicole Macaraig

This message really struck my heart most, for it just give me more strength and conquer my fears and be proud to achieve my goals in life. That this present life is somehow like a platform to begin with.
And the challenge is to believe on what I as a person is capable of.

Jamaica Grace Dacono
Jamaica Grace Dacono

Don’t change. Don’t forget people who are always there. Don’t get mad to your parents/family if they don’t let you to go outside. And never forget God who always there in your ups and downs.