Bottom Of The Well

Published by Troy DeFrates on

the ugly writers

I found a hole to crawl in and hide

comforted on a bed of golden flowers
naked and exposed, without any pride
covering my face, tears fall like showers.
Alone in this world without many friends
please stop hurting me, again and again.

In this well, echoes my sobs

Feeling now only total defeat
I cannot bear to face the light
a dark place in my mind is where I retreat
once I stood tall, with confidence and might.
You took it all away and became the base of my fears
how could you do this after so many years?

Reverberations of grief resonate within me

You took it all, you took my boys
leaving me naught but pure doubt
it wasn’t enough for you just to destroy
you tore me apart, pieces strewn all about.
You would not stop until I was completely broken
I returned my ring, my last final token.

In this well, echoes my sobs
Reverberations of grief resonate within me
What I was once is now completely gone

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