Be who you are

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Be who you are


Always be yourself,

you always laugh, but sometimes it’s okay to break to a snort,

go tuck your hair behind your ears and have a nice cup of choco.

Treat yourself to brunch

and tip the waitress a little extra.

Sometimes it’s okay to break down and cry until your eyes are puffy, but afterward, you just gotta pick yourself up and deal with it.

Tell the people that you love

how important they are to you,

call them don’t text as you do.

You’re almost a grown up

but sometimes it’s fun to goof around.

Never be shy and afraid of strangers to take your photo,

even if you’re alone.

Travel when you can

and travel by yourself

or with people you love.

Meet strangers and

make friends

and companions.

Do not let anyone

tell you how you should

live your life.

It’s your business,

not your parents’,

not your friends’,

it’s nobodies business but yours.

Never apologize

for something you’re not sorry for,

and if you do don’t be sorry that you did but rather change.

Fall in love,

fall out of love,

if it takes you years to get over it be proud of that if it takes you weeks be proud of that.

Be proud of who you are

and what you’ve accomplished,

be excited for the great things that are to come. Always be happy because that’s what and who you are.


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