One of my horrors

at a young age

was losing one’s sight.

In those brown eyes

I held envy.

To the blind

shot tendrils of pity.


Can u see? I’m clawing them free.


I stood there

as my friend’s heart turned cold

and his dangling feet

drooped from a wailing string.

My head throbs

from his voices of months before.

Searching for his plea

Coaxed with glee.


Can u hear? In my globe, there’s a tear.


I stood there,

peering in her blue hue.

Sweet betrayal dripped

from her soft lips

and I kept waiting

for that final kiss.


Can u smell? A dread making air swell.


I stood there,

shying eyes welcoming me.

After the niceties,

a quick leave

from this ailing being.

Have I erred

in being diseased?


Can u taste? The blood rushing out in haste.


I stood there

facing a reflection


as rivulets streamed down my cheeks.

In the mornings

I wonder.

Who is this wretched thing?


Can u feel? My submissive kneel.


Long ago,

the grass was too green

the waters were placid blue

even the stones donned distinct sheen

while the skies spewed clouds anew.


How I wish I was fourteen. And then a blind teen.


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