Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Published by Mary Cris Villa on

In this world, where change is the only constant thing, you have to be the unchangeable one.

In this world, where society seems to have established ‘standards‘ on how you should live your life, you have to be divergent.


Shout out to everyone who has had to listen to nonsense excuses about why they shouldn’t be exactly who they are. You don’t have to change for anyone.

Are you too loud? good, get that mouth working with more blunt opinions.

Are you too quiet? good, even you’re a little bit of an introvert. That doesn’t mean you are stupid and have nothing to say. Your mind is a good, well informed, over thinking firecracker.

Do you frown a lot? good, you have a right to your anger. No anger? fine, my right to my resting face, thank you very much. it’s just like that, i won’t smile to please you.

Do you smile a lot? good! laugh! show it, shine, strut, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve got buck teeth or if the front set juts out a little or if they’re crooked, you are beautiful.

There’s no range or rate. Your confidence makes you beautiful. You’re a ten because you think you are one. Not because someone else says so.

Somewhere someone is always complaining. Somewhere someone seems to have a problem with what you do, and what you don’t do. Shout out to you, who have been hearing everyone’s nonsense opinions on how to look better, feel better, be better, screw that better, you must be yourself. you’ve GOT to be yourself. How authentic and real and unique is that?

My, my, to be so colorful and yet be told that you’re transparent by all those blind people. To live in a world where everyone’s looking for diamonds when you’re gold. Where everyone else wants to be a princess, but you’ve always wanted to be a baby dragon. But give that baby dragon a crown and she’s a princess too. Hell no, she’s a queen. It’s all a matter of perception. and if they still can’t see your light, walk away with timeless grace. You are a class of your own.

Shoutout to you, who’ll keep rocking and doing your thing so different and so special and so important in your own way. To be the best you can be for yourself, and not for anyone else, and if that best is exactly what you are right now, embrace it. love it. CELEBRATE IT.