Seduction X

Published by Ryan Paul S. Balagtas on

the ugly writers

What to wear today?
Should I go for birthday suit?
If that won’t be lewd
The perfect selfie
waiting to be uploaded.
Hello, dating app!

Sitting on a bus
I don’t know where I’m going
but I paid my fare…

The cat is purring…
Hidden in the alley…waiting.
Her heart is yearning.

Here I am stranger…
We are zero feet apart…
So what happens now?

Don’t talk about love!
We are just here to drink beer…
No rose hidden here.

The heat of the air…
The borrowed light of the moon…
Makes our bodies wet

Alone in my bed…
A day after Valentine’s…
Sober and broken.
Leaves all dried up
The wind is chasing my soul
There is no more hope.

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