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Fifty Shades of S.K

A bad leaf can turn a new leaf. It's all just a matter of rehabilitation and societal support. Irrespective of what had happened in the past. We all have passed, don't we?


Written by: Johnbest Obialo (Desert Writer)
Genre: Crime, Detective, Mystery.
Rated P.G (parental guidance is advised)

Disclaimer: Every word, name, place and anything seen, read or heard on this story are all fictitious, merely from the writer’s imagination. It holds no relevant connection to anywhere, anyplace, anything, living or dead. This work is not to be published, rewritten, or edited in any manner/form, without the knowledge of the writer.


“Hey! I’m talking to you.” She shouted, leaning forward with her face almost touching his, hitting her two hands on the table between them. The interrogatory officer, Inspector Chinaza Walker.

“You were there, weren’t you? On the night of his death.” She queried. “Eyewitness on the scene of the crime testified against you; Said there was two of you, your accomplice got away.” She stood up, walked a few steps around the small interrogation room, then turned to where he, Success Kaylor was seated, with his hands on his laps and his head facing down.

“You see Sk, I’m your friend, the police are.” She walked close enough to him and caressed his right shoulder with her palm. “I wanna help you. So you are gonna help me catch the other guy, your accomplice. It’s a win-win for us, you see.”

“It’s that what you tell your suspects? The police are your friend, wow.” Success Kaylor said, lifting his eyes a bit to meet hers. “Was the police my friend when… when…? oh God.” Sk cried. “When what?” Insp. Chinaza asked. Curiosity was evident in her tone. “I can’t say.”

“No, Sk you will tell me everything you know so we don’t have more dead bodies littering the streets of Oha City.” Said Chinaza. “I was forced into it,” Sk exclaimed.

“Well, tell me what I want to hear.”

“I didn’t kill that man, it was supposed to be simple stealing but he went rogue, he pulled the trigger,” Sk told her.

“The gun had your fingerprints all-over after the biometric test.” Insp. Chinaza pointed out

“That ‘as because he wore a f***ing and glove.”

“I don’t believe you, boy.” She said, Not been convinced of what Sk had told her, the Inspector stood up, went towards the door, and was leaving but Success Kaylor called her back. “wait!”

She stood abrupt. “You got to believe me, I didn’t do it,” Sk said, standing up and walked toward her.

“You’ve got a lot criminal record up your sleeve for me to believe you didn’t kill the man. How many?” She asked as she walked back again to the table, picking up a file on it. She flipped the pages of the file as she counted:

“One broke into some couples home stealing jewelry, Feb. 18th, 1997. Two, Broke into Oha City’s exhibition Museum, made away with Achebe’s painting worth £2,000 Afra’s pound… May 11th, 2000. Three,” At the third one she took a deep breath, sighed and read; “Three, flew from Omaha city Airport to Borough town with a forged passport. December 25th, 2000. Four, discovered member of a cult gang, the black mamba. Feb. 10th, 2003. I could go all day boy, but I haven’t got all the time in the world. Look at you, at 24 years you’ve become a murderer. You are guilty and you need prison.” She said as she jerked the door handle.

“Ma’am, I know I’ve done all that shit but I ain’t kill nobody. I wanna be a changed person I promise. I didn’t kill the man! He did.” Success Kaylor shouted as He watched Inspector Chinaza go outside the room. He was handcuffed.

Just outside the room, she was approached by a subordinate, Sergeant Brown – Who greeted her raising his right leg to the length of his left knee, and his right hand up, just so his palm touched his forehead. It was a greeting of respect in the force in Oha city. “Good afternoon ma’am, there is something I’d like to show you from the crime scene, a video clip.” Sergeant Brown said, leading the way to the control room.

Inside the Control room, he played a video that had been paused on the computers screen. “It’s a CCTV footage recovered from the scene, there’s two of them.” Sergeant Brown explained, but Insp. Chinaza didn’t care to listen as she focused on the video. “Rewind it backward, ” She instructed. The video was rewound backward.

“Oh my God, he didn’t kill the man. Success Kaylor never killed the man. He did!” she said pointing to the second person on the screen, Sk’s accomplice. “Who is that Man? She asked the Sergeant, who scrolled his mouse on the computer, popped out another page. On the screen of the page were written a few words. He read them out; “NAME: Tyler Chikweze, light-skinned, 6 ft 5 inch tall. Born 25th July 1988. Twenty-time murderer, evaded arrest four times, a contract killer. Code name, Mr. Black.”

“Mr. Black?” Inspector Chinaza mumbled as it was evident Sk wasn’t who they should be after. “Get Mr. Success Kaylor out of that room now, take him for rehabilitation. He isn’t our Man.” She commanded the Sergeant who hastily ran to carry out her order.


WRITERS REMARK: A bad leaf can turn a new leaf. It’s all just a matter of rehabilitation and societal support. Irrespective of what had happened in the past. We all have passed, don’t we? I’m not saying one who is wrong to the law as was the case Success Kaylor should evade the law. What I’m saying is this; The government should bring out policies, programs that can help such persons as Success Kaylor adapts to Society.

All rights reserved ©2019, fictions.

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