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Book Review : “Men and Dreams in Dhauladhar”

"Men And Dreams In Dhauladhar" is a contemporary fiction novel which is encircled by the lives of three protagonists, Nanda, Khusru & Rekha.

Men and Dreams in Dhauladhar book review is written and shared by Suchismita Ghoshal to The Ugly Writers for the month of May.


TITLE: Men And Dreams In Dhauladhar
AUTHOR: Kochrey C Shibu
PUBLISHER: Self Published
GENRE: Contemporary Fiction
LENGTH: 284 Pages
FORMAT: Kindle Edition

Storyline & A Brief Review:

“Men And Dreams In Dhauladhar” is a contemporary fiction novel that is encircled by the lives of three protagonists, Nanda, Khusru & Rekha. These 3 people completely belong from different background & are facing their own crisis of life. The story is set at a place called Dhauladhar in the wide range of Himalayan Region. The storyline engages some beautiful yet utterly disturbing facts which reciprocate with our day-to-day life. This novel portrays some mainstream topics like love, pain, poverty, societal problems, patriotism, terrorism, dreams, etc. Each character is seen to be determined to achieve their dreams while hiding a part of their lives’ secrets.

The 1st protagonist ,Nanda, an engineer from Kerala is seen to come along all his way to Dhauladhar for a project of dam construction & has his own scary stories of life.

The 2nd protagonist, Khusru, a Kashmiri boy, fetched by a Pakistani terrorist group at a young age is on a mission to blow up the dam. He takes the help of a disguise to secretly join the construction work.

And, the 3rd protagonist, Rekha, a doctor & a classical dancer by profession comes out in search of her perfect match. Accidentally with the progress of the story, we come to know that these 3 meet at a certain point of Dhauladhar & get involved with each other’s life & the story goes on showcasing other issues.


Though the story slowly progresses & has various plots involved in it, I found the book very much gripping & interesting to read.


Considering the first novel of the author, I would like to say that the storyline is interesting, the plot was gripping, the narration was good, the language was lucid, grammar & vocabulary were easy to comprehend, the book cover is highly eye-catching, the title was perfectly relatable with the story & adds some mystery to engage a reader’s mind towards the book. I had a very good read.


My Ratings:

Title : ⅘
Book Cover : ⅘
Plot, Narration & Storyline : 4.5/5
Overall Rating : ⅘ (Highly Recommendable)


Final Verdict:

Author Kochrey C Shibu has a very skilled hand to give a beautiful look to a story. He has done an amazing job in his first novel with a proper narration & gripping storyline. He has depicted some real issues in the wrapper of a fiction. I would love to recommend this book to all the fiction lovers as well as bookworms out there. Have a happy reading!


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