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Shadows of Mystery

Shadows of Mystery is a poem written by Shareyld de Guia and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme The Games We Play for the month of April.


Shadows of Mystery


I have two faces but with one mask.

They are both smiling but in different ways.

The one is brave, and the other is coward.

The first laughs with joy and the latter cries in pain.

I have two reflection; both sides are broke.

They are still smiling but going on crazy.

One is with happiness and the other is with loneliness.

Where happiness is a debt and loneliness is a traitor.

Where the surrounding is the mighty lie,

Where the mind is a big commander but a tyrant.

Where the living soul live yet die of discomfort

Where the body stands despite of tinge of lifeless points

The both sides still fight but having a real qualm

Because of the danger that lived in

Where myself is against its own reflection;

But it’s not only me but also the people around me.

They are the needles in the sea of dump,

Fighting just to go to the heavy dusk of sky;

Giving chaos on the uncertainty

And the biggest trouble is inside of me

The menace is getting worst

The monsters are growing alive

But I can only see the reflections of these creatures

As I put a mirror in my back.


Shareyld de Guia
Shareyld de Guia
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