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Try Not To Cry

Some steps you leap others you step and reap. Some jumps you miss other’s you fall into.

Try Not To Cry is a poem written by Pasithea Chan and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme The Games We Play for the month of April.


Try Not To Cry




Hearts are fry

always bled dry.

Minds can be high

yet fall to a sigh.

Words can make you cry

but actions spell try.

Life is a skipping rope of try

jumping realities that make you cry.

You try not to cry

hopping life’s rope

sniffing reality’s dope

to steps or missteps you try.

Some steps you leap

others you step and reap.

Some jumps you miss

other’s you fall into.

Cross your legs

but not your heart.

Cross your mind

but never lose heart.

Truth may hurt

where lies are a start.

Falls can make you smart

where loss was just a dart.

Bitter and sweet are a beat

danced in love & hurt’s feat.

So stand tall, plant your feet

if it is fear you wish to defeat

Happy or sad beat

those who cry or try.

You can cry or try

dancing to that beat.

But it’s up to you to cry

and get beat

or try to win that feat.

It is what it is they say

if it’s meant to be

then it’s meant to be

even for those who fly

or those who fail as they try..

So Try not to cry

for every fail or try.

Both try and cry

bring tears that never dry.

Days will go by

loved ones will pass you by

memories will make you cry

but you just gotta try not to cry.


Author’s Notes: This poem was inspired by Illeywood Broun’s Quote: ” The tragedy of life is not that man loses, but he almost wins! ”


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Pasithea Chan

Pasithea Chan

Pasithea is a budding Lebanese Filipino impressionist who enjoys writing poetry in symbolism laced with philosophy and psychology.

Given her legal background having worked as legal and risk management consultant in MENA and the far east; she also writes legal and academic articles.

Her creative writing has been read on several podcasts and radios and was featured in several magazines and anthologies including: Envision Arts, Rigorous, Fevers of the Mind, Osprey's Empire, Voices of the Real and Suicide.

Having written 2500+ poems and more than 12 short stories; Pasithea writes in various styles but prefers pieces that have double meanings to allow a reader to delve deeper into her works.

Articles: 69