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Strong Heart

​Strong Heart is poem written by Khazran Khan and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Through My Eyes for the month of March


Strong Heart


Today let me narrate a tale,

A tale of a gloomy heart,

That once used to be ;

High on cloud nine.

Things turned so pale,

When it was hit by a dart,

Every pain residing in me,

Screamed aloud : I’m fine.

The blooded drops of hail,

Were looking so smart,

As he came there to see,

If again I could ever shine.

I begged, but to no avail,

Gave few sounds of blart,

Dropped down on my knee,

Collecting blood as wine.

Those broken pieces now fail,

To break me totally in part,

As I decided to flee,

And connect with divine.

Finally, I found a vale,

Loaded the goods on cart,

While setting my wings free,

And flying high on shrine.


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Khazran Khan


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