A Romance Like A Flower

A Romance Like A Flower

A Romance Like A Flower is an essay from Ruben Bangod and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Disenchanted for the month of May


A Romance Like A Flower


Let us sustain the happiness we have.

You are like a flower i have planted and now blooming at its best. Numbers of greeny leaves sprouting and opening wide to take nourishment from the sun. You are standing tall and firm able to withstand what might happen and ready for what is going to happen. You are such a flower that gives endearment everytime i see you. You are waking my senses everytime i feel weak and giving me courage and positive outlook when i am in doubts

A flower you are! With petals that give color and brighten my day. A flower that never competes with other flowers but blooms and glows among others. Not a single strand of weed outcasts your beauty. A flower that never worries about how it blooms but opens up and turns towards where it is the one that gives its nourishment. A flower that stands affirmed because of its tough roots. Resilient and flexible.

And now let me be the external factors.

Let me be the sun that gives you light to process your food.
Let me be your water that is essential to your growth and strength.
Let me be the soil where your roots are strongly affirmed and at the same time give you nutrients.

Let me be everything that you need and I will be everything I can provide. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing you bloom and glow because of me. Nothing is more gratifying than looking at you flush because of what I am. Nothing more enjoyable than watching the glare of happiness brought by my presence.

Among others, you are more than a flower to me. The best thing that happens to me. The best thing I have ever. You are the one I will forever be grateful for, for you did something more magical. Just like Buddha said, “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.”

And I don’t only see miracles but also splendor and wonder!


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