Thank You

Thank You

Thank You is a letter entry written by the Dancing Morphemes and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Disenchanted for the month of May.


Thank You


I never had difficulty writing about anything before. When I want to write for someone, my fingers glide on the keyboard. They expertly land on the letters of words I want to offer to the person. But, somehow, today, my best friends—words—elude me! Of all the days, they act up today… the day I write for the person who slit the black dome I wrapped around myself.

You see, I have laboriously built a large black dome around me. I wanted to shield myself from the pain the universe bestows upon its people. This black dome shielded me from the pain outside of it. But because of this black dome, the pain already inside kept growing every day.

To you, thank you for slitting a hole in the dome. Thank you.


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