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The Battle of Love

There's a reason for my existence,  and that's YOU. Otherwise, this life is not beautiful than death.

The Battle of Love is a poem written and shared by Khazran Khan and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Contrition for the month of August


The Battle  Of Love


He does not  know untill now, about :

The feelings that I did not express,

The label that I wrote him as mine.

Just thinking about it turned me reticent.

If it’s a YES, then what else is there?

If it’s a NO: That still won’t matter.

Courage, confidence and bravery,

Remember, what not you made me do?

Then when it comes to my love,

Why can’t my steps move ahead?

I hesitate but wish to tell you everything,

Alas! the apprehension has sealed my lips.

The one can accept  imprisonment of your love,

But  just can’t stand your difference.

There’s a reason for my existence,  and that’s YOU.

Otherwise, this life is not beautiful than death.

Just your presence is enough, but please listen,

I have nothing more to say to you and I can’t.

Words lost the battle;  while climbing the lips,

My heart is but not,  yet  defeated,  in the war of love. 


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