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I remember the joy of touching your strings,  Wishing those moments would forever bring,

Strings is a poem written by Jemica M. Colasito and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Creating Sparks for the month of December

When I was twelve, I heard your sweet sound, 

Decided to save pennies, a bond was found. 

But unfortunately, the timing wasn’t right, 

Busy and rushed, always out of sight.

In February, I brought you home with glee, 

We became inseparable, you and me. 

But my obligations grew, tasks to pursue, 

Left you alone in my room, feeling blue.

I remember the joy of touching your strings, 

Wishing those moments would forever bring, 

But my to-do list neglected your worth, 

You remained unnoticed, faded in dearth.

Suddenly, your strings gave way, a sad surprise, 

Leaving my hands empty, tears in my eyes. 

Realizing your sorrow, I understood, 

No “you and me,” no attachment as it should.

I promise, it won’t happen again, my dear, 

We’ll restore your body, cast away the fear. 

We’ll sing together loudly, joy we will reclaim, 

Rekindling the memories, bringing back the same.

In the realm of friendship, our bond was born,

A connection that time couldn’t easily adorn.

Through melodies shared, our souls entwined,

Together we journeyed, hearts intertwined.

Though life’s demands led us astray,

Our friendship endured, finding a way.

In the echoes of your strings, memories reside,

A testament to the bond we won’t let slide.

Through laughter and tears, we’ll find our song,

Repairing the chords that were once wrong.

With each strum and pluck, our spirits soar,

Friendship’s symphony, forevermore.

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the ugly writers
the ugly writers
the ugly writers
the ugly writers

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