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Quest for Greatness

Though limitations exist, let's not retreat,  Yearning for greatness, challenges we'll meet.

Quest for Greatness is a poem written by Jemica M. Colasito and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Trust The Process for the month of November

Quest for Greatness

Amidst struggles we face every day, 

Others’ burdens may heavier weigh. 

Accepting our lot, just saying “it’s fine”? 

Or seeking tough challenges, a path so divine.

Be complacent never, aspire to soar, 

To heights that are greater, to dreams that galore. 

Inside us, a fire for growth does burn, 

A longing for more, an eager heart’s yearn.

Though limitations exist, let’s not retreat, 

Yearning for greatness, challenges we’ll meet. 

Together we rise, breaking each chain, 

Uniting our strengths, victory we’ll gain.

Let’s not hold back, let’s dream and scheme, 

With hope in our hearts, like a radiant beam. 

As we reach for the stars, we plant a new seed, 

A legacy blossoming from a small, caring deed.

Though obstacles arise, doubts may persist, 

In our quest for greatness, we must persist. 

Answer the call, aim higher and soar, 

In life’s wondrous journey, let’s explore.

The struggles we face, they make us strong, 

They teach us lessons, right from wrong. 

So let’s embrace them, learn and grow, 

Through challenges, our potential will glow.

Others may bear heavier loads, But that doesn’t mean we should take the easy roads. 

In striving for more, we find our place, 

A journey of growth, a fulfilling embrace.

With each step forward, we build our might, 

Our dreams take flight, reaching new height. 

No matter the odds, no matter the fight, 

We’ll overcome challenges, with all our might.

Cast aside doubts, let’s break free, 

Embracing potential, rising like a sea. 

In pursuing what’s great, we find our role, 

A purposeful life, a story to be told.

In a world full of trials, we’ll stand tall, 

Facing each obstacle, breaking down the wall. 

With hope in our hearts, we’ll reach for the sky, 

In this grand adventure, let’s never be shy.

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