Book Review: Confessions by Kanae Minato

TITLE: Confessions

AUTHOR: Kanae Minato.

RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆ (5/5)

This book was recommended to me by a very good friend. I was looking for a copy of this but wasn’t able to do so that is why i let a friend who was in Japan buy me a copy, until i saw one around last week at fullybooked in Eastwood which was priced around 600php i think. I have read this one in ebook and fell in love with the story. If you are a fan of those psychological thrillers then this one is for you. This book was originally written in japanese but has one with an english translation. Book was published in different covers too. I think my friend bought the black cover.

I have reviewed this in Goodreads as well but will put them in here also. I have read this last January 2016. Here’s the link:


“So why am I resigning?

Because Manami’s death wasn’t an accident. She was murdered by some of the students in this very class.”

This is my first 5star book this year. My Gosh. This book was amazing, I can’t barely put it down. At first i thought this was a horror book but no, this book will let your imagination takes its course. It will leave you wondering why. It is indeed twisted and compelling and dark. You will never guess what would happen. Told via multiple PoV’s. I love this. This is good. I’ve learned also that there is a movie about this book so i have to find that and watch. Ugh i wanted to watch it now!  (Updated: I have watched the movie already and boy was i delighted to watch it.)

I don’t wanna spoil anything by telling you about the story. I wanted you to read this book if it caught your interest in some way. For me this is very well written, I think telling the story via multiple PoV’s was a very good idea since it will let you think all the way through, it will leave you guessing and it will leave you reading for more. It will play with your mind. It was just 6 chapters/PoV but it is composed very well. It was chilling at some point. The things you’d do for the attention that you want from someone else, the capacity to take revenge and the mind that was way too different from the others. The minds of the characters are twisted and you wont believe what was inside them. Oh Moriguchi sensei!! You blow me away with that mind of yours. I love how twisted people’s mind works. In a good way though of course. (Oh throw in some mind boggling ideas here and there, you’ll be in for a surprise)

A very beautiful book written by the author. I am still thinking about the story, in some way it is messing with my mind is it really happening in Japan? Because we know there are a lot of issues tackled here that are imaginable like we all know how bullying and suicides are one and it is true that in japan they happen. It is creepy and dark and sad and twisted and wicked all at the same time. The story was just brilliant. It is really a first for me.

“I think we regular people may have forgotten a basic truth—we don’t really have the right to judge anyone else.”

It has a movie too and i saw it in this site i think. It was good. It was real creepy for me. But it was definitely good. Would definitely recommend this to people who loves dark and twisted stories. You’d prolly think this book is some kind of a horror story but its not but it will also leave you cringing at times. You’ll be amaze how the mind works in such crazy and in a twisted way.





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