A Tito’s Memory


Last November 20th, you went home to the One who gave you the gift of life.
Hearts, souls were broken.
Eyes were filled with tears.
Sadness overrules our whole being.
I dont understand why but I know when it’s your time, it is your time.

I remember you as this person who loves and gives selflessly.
I grew up looking to you as a father and as a friend, a tropa, a barkada, you were all that.

Our life was not perfect but having you around who understands us being teenagers and kids then was always fun, adventurous and enjoyable.

As you go through this journey back to the One please bring with you our love, our prayers.
We may not express it as often but we know in our hearts that we love you no matter what.

Thank you for all the memories, the lessons, the fun times, the songs you’ve sung for us, the laughter and the hugs and the stories you tell us.

I will surely miss you, I will miss the hugs and the kisses and the moments we shared together as a family. I will miss a father figure who never fails to think about our well being.

Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for being one of the best titos ever.


To you Tyobons have a peaceful journey back to your home and back to the arms of Our loving Father. Would you mind saying hello and please give hugs to my Papa, your favorite Kuya? Be happy as I know you are with them there. Please look out for all of us here. We will miss you. I love you. Rest in peace. To you, lets all offer a prayer and a toast and say Kampai!! ?????



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Edwin John Hao

Hao, Edwin John F. / Mar141 / Sociology MQ2 / I think the article shows ethnocentrism because thru the article and illustration it shows that they use the usual traditions that Filipinos do when someone died.

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