Why does feelings grow and grow and you can’t do anything to stop it from evolving.
Why do I feel unhappy whenever you shower them more attention and not even glancing at me.

Why did you treat me so differently when it’s just us but with others around I feel like I’m just like everybody else, sometimes like no one else.

Why do I keep reaching out in the hopes that one day you’ll like me as much as I want you to. Why can’t it be like before when all it matters to you was just me.

Why is it so frustrating to think that I matter to you. Why can’t I tell you how much in this fucking crazy world that I am falling so deep for you.



Why does my heart burst whenever you are near?
Why can’t it be just you and me?

Why can’t it be now…
Why can’t we be?

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Binibining `E
Binibining `E works for a BPO company by day and is a supersized, weird and peculiar super hero by night who loves the sea, the sand and the sun. She has been eating books for breakfast, lunch and dinner and even for desserts too. An amateur sketcher, can draw when bored. Can write at times and whenever she thinks she can. A certified bibliophile, expect lots of book reviews and adventures with this ugly writer. She is not an ordinary girl. She is peculiar indeed. Will prefer basketball over drama, books over telenovelas, a good book and a cup of coffee over tv.
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