My 5PM Sober Thoughts

This time of the day, specifically on lazy weekends, is when I like to peek outside and gaze at the orange-blended skies ushering the dusk. You know for certain that the Sun is setting gracefully in the western horizon. Not too hot and humid nor too cold, the laid back ambiance of dusk is close to divine. It is as if the striking hues and friendly temperature of dusk are inviting you to loosen up and immerse your senses into the ethereal charm it displays. An amateur photo taken from my phone does not do justice to its immaterial splendor.



Madel Olveda

Madel P. Olveda (MAR142)
Sociology MQ2
Individualism- we need time where we give ourselves the value we deserve, to just loosen up and not to have any negative thoughts.

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