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It’s been 3 months since I started writing for the Ugly Writers, well with that, I also went back logging-in on my Twitter account. With so much gusto, I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled and retweeted different posts, pictures, book reviews from friends and of course our write ups from our site (you know you’d like to read them! go check us out)  and of course my eyes sparkled whenever I saw book giveaways be it local or international. Of course, I know I don’t have much luck with raffles or giveaways (or so I thought HAHA!) but still with so much heart I clicked and joined every giveaway my eyes laid upon that is available in the twitter world. Yeah! Yeah I know right?


Recently, I joined so many giveaways that I can’t even remember them all. So luck was really on my side last December 2016 as I’ve won not one but three (3) giveaways, 1 international and two (2) local. Lucky girl, right?? Really in time for the holidays. Let me run down these giveaways:


1. First giveaway was from the author Stephanie Perkins (, she was giving away UK copies of the book My True Love Gave to Me. So she was handing out free copies to those who tweet her, she randomly selected winners of the book and was really happy that I was chosen one of the winners.

Stephanie Perkins is     love!
           Of course! 🙂


            Received it already! Woot!












2. Second giveaway was from a blogger named Carmel who was willing to give a copy of the newly released book Make My Wish Come True: A #romanceclass Christmas Anthology. This is a compilation of stories with #thefeels from local authors which are really really really good.


          The giveaway!
Yaass!! Out of the many I am this lucky?
              <3 <3 <3
       A wish that came true! Thank you!














3. Third giveaway was from one of the local author Dawn Lanuza ( As an advance Christmas gift, she was giving away a copy of #romanceclass books by different local authors. You just have to do all the instructions in the #rafflecopter giveaway. So yeah! I was lucky to be picked again as one of the winners. I received a copy of the book Marry Me, Charlotte B by Carla De Guzman


       Yehey!!! So lucky!
      Yay! Received this baby!
              Meet Charlotte B!













I am so happy that I have actually won these giveaways and was also glad that the copies are signed by the authors and of course the books come with additional swags bookmarks, stickers, cards, even pin buttons and a bag. This is just glorious, right?


Anyway, that’s all the giveaways I have joined and won this December of 2016, I’ll have to count the giveaway from Ms. Perkins as I have received the package first week of December already. So, yay for this and I am looking forward also to join as many giveaways as I can haha. Of course, I generally share these giveaways in my twitter account to let others join the fun. Was I lucky? Yes I am, who would have thought I would be this blessed to win some awesome prizes from these authors and bloggers.


You may want to check them out, just click their names for the link to their blogs. Also, if you want to check out Ms. Lanuza’s books you may order it straight from her site. Please don’t forget to like, subscribe and share! 🙂

Binibining `E

Binibining `E

Binibining `E works for a BPO company by day and is a supersized, weird and peculiar super hero by night who loves the sea, the sand and the sun. She has been eating books for breakfast, lunch and dinner and even for desserts too. An amateur sketcher, can draw when bored. Can write at times and whenever she thinks she can. A certified bibliophile, expect lots of book reviews and adventures with this ugly writer. She is not an ordinary girl. She is peculiar indeed. Will prefer basketball over drama, books over telenovelas, a good book and a cup of coffee over tv.

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