In Time

More often than not, all it takes is a string of troubles in our lives to happen first before something significant comes along. We ultimately will get to the best part, the question however is when.

Expediting things is rather tempting; we recklessly decide and execute. If the outcome is not what we have conceived in mind, all the more we feel the frustration of not getting what we wanted for ourselves.

Timing is everything. We have our own free will to make decisions about all things relevant, but we also need to set a safety margin in case something suddenly comes up. Unfortunately, new things and people do not happen at a precalculated time in our lives. We cannot map out when our smartphone will get impaired or when our partner will desert us for another person.

When these events in our lives do not go according to plan, either broken or gone, our natural tendency is to seek an immediate replacement. The arrival of something or someone new in our lives might not happen by the time we are at our most ready state, but they just take us by surprise. Maybe at the time when we are about to give up. It is not always about whenever we are prepared, but whenever the right time comes.

Think again before hoisting that white flag. Planning ahead is never wrong, however we need to bear in mind that if anything or anyone goes astray despite the effort to resolve them, then they are not meant for us to keep and the result is beyond our control.

Starting from scratch is easier said than done, but moving up and forward is what we ought to do. Let us gather strength to hold onto that last thinning thread of faith and we will see more beautiful things unfold in their most perfect timing.

We will soon realize why all those failures and disappointments in the past have had to take place. Also, the best part does not stop there because those hardships will serve us a purpose of making clarity and sense, therefore bringing us to the path we are rightful to course through.

And what is this ‘best part’ I mentioned twice? We are all bound to discover, in time.



"You left me standing still, hence I have gone cold upon your return."

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  2. Planning is essential, but we should also be ready by the time we will need to change our plans. Everything happens for a reason anyway.

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