A Hundred Days of You

15 November 2016

By the time you read this you know that I have already been passionately in love with you for the past hundred days — probably more.
You are my once in a lifetime somebody. There shall never be someone better than you coming along my way.
I was teetering between waiting to be found and searching when you happened. Your existence took place in my life on a seemingly ordinary day, with a surprise veiled underneath.
You are my added layer of happiness.
Talking to you on that day was the best decision I made. There was no denying the thrill and the chill of slowly realizing I was getting drawn to you. You sent me to an otherworldly dimension where time flew swiftly whenever we talk and felt agonizingly long when you were not around.
You make resisting the laws of physics feel like real.
The sight of you, your smile, and the way you move; I just love everything about you. I love every second of being next to you.
You are my winning feeling. You are the soothing reassurance that everything will be okay. You are the light when my decisions are about to go faulty. You are the friend I would never trade for a hundred new ones.
This being said, you are irreplaceable on so many levels. I would do anything to keep you close to me.
With you, I could build a wonderland where we would lay beneath the night sky studded with twinkle, twinkle little stars. No bridge could ever fall down on us and I would be your fair lady. And even if you pull me back to reality, everything is still all about you and I.
We will sarcastically refer to the 6th of August as our own Valentine’s Day because it is our date of birth.
To love you like I have nothing to lose is what I aim to let you feel; everyday in all the years I want us to count.
You are my repressed madness. You are the tongue-burning steam breaking open from the surface of my afternoon waffles.
You are the burst of energy resting in my hands. You are the faultless blend of refreshing breeze and warm sunrays.
You are the plain statement I can never comprehend.
I simply lose myself to you.
I love you with all that I am.

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"You left me standing still, hence I have gone cold upon your return." ramengonecold is the proud lucky thirteenth member of The Ugly Writers, struggling to write about love and anything that can get everyone high. Will pen any situation and state of mind as they occur. Blunt and straightforward but benevolent nonetheless. INTJ. Leonine. Turophile. Sapporo-style ramen fan. An Oxford comma user with no regrets.

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Casupanan, Rhelee Mae B. (MAR142)
1.) Implicit/ Non material
2.) Experience/ traits
3.) “Letter for my lover” – This title would transform the current title to an explicit one. Because this article expresses the love of the other person to someone special to him or her.

Sheila Ann Surio
Sheila Ann Surio

Surio, Sheila Ann D. (Mar142)

1. Implicit/Non material
2. Culture: Traits
3. Different Title: ” A light to my world”

Benito, Casupanan, Hernandez, Layona, Magno, Miranda, Olveda, Realiza, Reyes
Benito, Casupanan, Hernandez, Layona, Magno, Miranda, Olveda, Realiza, Reyes

Kenneth Willie M. Layona (BSBA- MAR142)

1. Implicit/Non-Material
2. Culture: Trait
3. Explicit/Material Title: Letter of Confession

Abigail De Jesus Labayne
Abigail De Jesus Labayne

Labayne, Abigail (MAR 142)

1. Implicit/Non material
2. Culture: Traits
3. the lover of my soul

Marynel C. Balisi

Balisi, Marynel C. (Mar142)
-“Torch of happiness”


Magno, Marylyn
Notebook of Love

Clarence Anne Bituin
Clarence Anne Bituin

Bituin, Clarence Anne R. (Mar142)
1. Implicit
2. Traits
3. Glimpse of my own bliss

Von Andrei Cabrera
Von Andrei Cabrera


A 100 page love story


juanico chiara m. mar142
1.Implicit /non material
3.The journal of my love


It’s amazing how a simple word ‘love’ can do so much to someone’s life. It gives us an uncertain emotion that can lead us to an upside down situation. But what i love the most is it gives as a lesson that school can never provide. It will take you to something you will never imagine you will become.