My Hidden Paradise

During our trip to Bohol and Cebu way back 2010 I guess (cant really remember) we weren’t able to go at Panglao since time was very limited for us as we need also to go to Cebu and also the weather was not very good at that time. But, during our stay in Bohol some locals invited us to this very beautiful hidden paradise, the water is very clear and the place really maintain its so called virginity. As you can see in this picture (there is no filter used in here) the place is very inviting and very serene and very few locals knows this place and very rare of them go here as it is very difficult to reach this place as this is situated between mountains so its either you go the side of the mountains which is very scary or you will go from the top of the mountain down to this place. I on the other hand, just went down as I am afraid to traverse on the side of the mountains. We don’t know what’s this place is called but for us it would be our Hidden Paradise forever. This was in Bogo, Cebu.

Camera Used: Nikon DSLR